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Want to make a positive impact on your health, fitness and wellbeing? You have came to the right place


I have a holistic approach to Fitness coaching.

Feel good, look good and all in a manageable time frame,
Working around your busy life and schedule

I work with and get the best results with guys and girls like me, who are hard working & driven in their daily jobs and life.
In their 30s, that used to be fit and healthy, seemingly unable to gain weight but now lost their mojo and the waist is creeping.
Guys and Girls that would like to get fit and healthy again but don't really like to ask for help... Any of this ring a bell?

Let me ask you a question....

What do you need to succeed?

Set calorie targets to aim for?

All Worked out for you

Meal plans with shopping lists?

So you never have to eat bland boring diet food.

Consistent support through Phone or video call?

Using Skype/FB/WhatsApp/Google Duo and Email, whatever method suits you best so you have someone to be accountable to.. It's too easy to put things off until 2moro and the day after or maybe the day after

Simple and effective workout plans to follow when your training between your appointments? 

As you probably know.. It takes more than just a single session a week to make a positive impact on your body.

I Require a minimum Commitment of 3 months with each and every Client.

I don't do Quick Fixes, starvation diets or sell magic pills or potions to you, So the results you achieve are life changing not just wallet emptying

 We Will work on everything from Meal Preparation, Sleep patterns, Mindset and Nutrition.

Yes it all matters and makes or breaks you suceeding in your goal, whatever that may be


You have Access to Multiple Recipe Cook books with over 450+ (and growing) Healthy recipes inside so you will Never be lost on what to make again,

So Do you Want to make a Positive change in your life?

Here is what past clients have had to say so far….

Lee is conscientious and motivated. Having trained with him for a while I have seen a positive impact on my health and fitness. I would highly recommend him to anyone whether weight loss or general fitness is your goal. 
Mind you he is no shrinking violet. The training is tough but worth it!

Paula – Nurse

I worked with Lee for almost 3 months, I got great results from a diet and physical perspective. Lee helped me change my way of thinking when planning for meals which i have continued. Lee's experience really showed and our sessions were very varied. The App which is included with any PT sessions is very helpful too! I would definitely recommend for anyone looking a lifestyle change.

Micheal – Finance

Trained with Phoenix for three months found the training brilliant really enjoyed working with them and after two weeks could already see results would recommend them to anyone guys really know there stuff.

George – Retail Management

Loved training with Lee, he really pushed me and didn't over complicate everything, I learnt a lot and felt really comfortable, I will definitely use him again when I feel I need a little extra help

Emma - Health Care

Joined Lee's 6am boot camp about 2 months ago to get in shape for my hols. I hate cardio but his mix of bodyweight exercises, circuits and barbell complexes, means workouts are always challenging, different, enjoyable and the time flys. We get pushed hard every workout but not to the point where you never want to see a gym again lol. I love it. 
You can tell Lee is passionate about helping clients achieve their goals through training and nutrition and is clearly knowledgeable on both fronts. Great coach and good value....

Brendan - Education

I’ve built a couple different packages for different needs that vary in price and support to ensure that you get exactly what you need in terms of direction, accountability, and support and don’t pay for anything more.

If you’re ready to make a change, let’s do this! My success is your success.

Oh, and I offer a guarantee on all of my services because I’m so sure that it’ll work for you.
My consultation spaces go quick, so fill out the form right away to get started.

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For package prices download our information pack above