As a guy who is well and truly past the dreaded thirty mark (Closer to 40)


I understand better than most, The tests and stresses of a busy professional over 30 has in his life.



I have 5 children still at school and one all grown up, So I understand scheduling time and working around your whole life, business, family and social is a major factor to your success.


Sessions have to be Quick, Direct and Effective.



I have worked as a chef in some of Belfast and Co.Antrims well known fine dining restaurants each holding a michelin bib gourmand year after year and still do from time to time when old friends need a hand.. So i know what Good, Quick, Tasty and Healthy food is. Nutrition is a major factor in winning this Adventure you are thinking of starting.



I have had the pleasure of studying and using a little bit of each course in every program I plan for clients ...

Precision Nutrition Coach  (PN1),

Precision Nutrition (Lv2) Master Coach


Certified Online Trainer (OTC),


Bioforce certified conditioning coach, 


Applied Nutrition and Supplementation, 


Training For Warriors Level 1 (TFW),


KO8 Functional Movement Coach,


Diploma in Diet & Weight Management, 


Advanced Sports Nutrition Level 4  (NFCE), 


Personal Trainer Level 3 (ACTIVEIQ),


Gym Instructor Level 2 (CYQ),


Advanced Coaching Academy member



I am also a fully qualified Active IQ Tutor and Assessor for Fitness Instruction and Personal Training and pass on more than just the course content to get your business up and running smoothly, so you don't make the same mistakes I did in the beginning of my career 



My job is finding the best coaching route for your needs and one you will be able to stick to and complete...