January 1, 2019

I thought like most plants it would sprout and grow quickly..

I just liked the look of the tree and wanted a few for my back and front gardens, So i went on amazon and ordered the seeds next day delivery...

Oh How wrong was I..

Most won't know this but a seed from the monkey puzzle tree takes 8 to ten weeks just to sprout... And upto 5 years to grow as little 20...

December 19, 2018

I got a bit of a shock the other day. 

With the 5th birthday of the playstation 4 coming up Sony have made a site that makes a wee video of how many hours , First game played , rarest trophy achieved you have got on the console, Well…. over the past 5 years of owning 2 ps4s including a years break from gaming I have still managed to rack up a total of 1204 hours...