• Lee Kinghan

Who are you competing with?

With all the Photoshop'd and filtered images you get bombarded with each day in the mainstream media and facebook,instagram,twitter etc.. you can sometimes get into the mindset that your bodyshape is inadequate and you'll never achieve your dream body.

Don't let these images put you off trying, most of these people in the media have never had to struggle with their weight or eating habits, they have more than likely trained all their lives since a teenager,have professional photographs taken with tons of filters and edited, plus work in the fitness industry or "mainstream celebrity" they also can afford a personal chef,trainer,nutritionist,asssistant.

Be happy with who you are, if you would like to change something about your body , take little steps at a time and you will achieve it.

Most people dont need a complicated meal plan written up for them, just some little changes to what you eat and how much you eat can do wonders.

Enjoy the process, learn about what your eating and why you should be eating it

If you take 3 sugars in your tea or coffee cut it down slowly.

Don't ban complete food groups as everything has it place in moderation.

Cut down on the processed foods,

a good guide is if it had a heart beat or it could be pulled from the ground or picked from a plant/tree its good to go

eat loads of chocolate? don't keep as many in your cupboards.

change one little thing every week.

While adding a healthy habit each week.

commit to drinking more water instead of the coke or energy drinks

take a fish oil capsule each morning (i will get into this in more detail soon)

Eat more colourful vegetables

Eat more protein

Eat more Fibrous green veg based foods as they are full of nutrients and minerals.

and more importantly exercise a little and increase it until you are regularly exercising 3 or 4 times per week

Go for long walks,cycle,go hill walking,lift weights(yes girls even you) find something you enjoy and do it regularly

Get the support from the closest people around you, have someone to talk to when you need it.

And most importantly if your lost and dont know were to begin ask a professional trainer to help get you on your road to success..


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