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Fish oil supplements - What are the benefits

With all the supplements available and there is literally a mountain of them, a simple fish oil capsule has great benefits for your health and fitness goals.

All the following information has been taken from research done and published by Charles Poliquin and it is also from Dan Johns book - Mass made simple. I will put a link at the bottom for you to read it yourself.

  1. Has positive effects on many diseases. fish oils have been shown to have medical uses in the treatment of coronary heart decease, hay fever, crohns decease and many more.

  2. Fish oils engage fat burning genes. The lipolytic genes are responsible for fat burning, that means your body uses your fat stores from the adipocytes.

  3. Fish oils switch off fat storage. The lipogenic genes are responsible for fat storage

  4. Fish oils help reduce blood pressure. DHA seems to have an ability to reduce blood pressure along with inflammatory diseases like angina,heart disease.

  5. Reduce inflammation from physical training. EPA has an effect on inflammation.

  6. Increase serotonin levels. Fish oils help elevate carbohydrate cravings, reduce anxiety and releases happy endorphines.

There is much more that fish oils can help with. Blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, fat burning enzymes, heart health....

If you like to read more on the subject goto


Or pick up Dan Johns book mass made simple from any good book store

So much from one little capsule per day

This is just some food for thought, if this has got your mind thinking, read the research or pick up Dan Johns book, you wont regret it

Happier mind in a fitter body


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