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Weight-loss made easy in 11 steps

With January nearly over most of you will have got to a point where either your weightloss has stalled, your diet has got boring and gave up.

Follow these simple and effective steps for losing the excess lbs and feeling more energised and invigorated.

1. Drink more water between meals - You will feel fuller for longer and our bodies are made mostly of water meaning better skin and more benefits.

2. Don't start a fad diet - Change the way you eat for good, no magic pill or shake is going to cut it. Eat more protein, more fibre, fruit and veg and take some quality fish oil. You don't have to eat "clean" just sensible & smarter

3. Log everything you eat as you eat it - You will see the foods that you need to cut down on and also what your missing and need to eat more of .. usually veg.. Don't judge and beat yourself up about what is in your food log, think about how you can change what you know isn't good for you, look at it as a positive, your in charge now.

4. Exercise more if you don't - If you do, have a look at your exercise selection, is it suitable for weightloss or not effective? examples would be bodybuilding split routines, yoga , pilates these are fine for their given goals but you need to get your heart working and get moving, HIIT training, Circuits, tabata, full-body weight training sessions etc are better suited to burning fat.

5. Went off course for 1 meal? - Just make sure that it doesn't become a full day, one meal isnt going wreck everything you've been doing so far, don't dwell on it carry on with your plan.

6. Concentrate on Quality - Ditch the processed crap and high sugar foods, Quality Carbs on your training days like Brown rice, Veg, Quinoa, Brown rice pasta, Whole grain flat breads etc..

7. Plan Ahead - Find healthy recipes for 5x Breakfasts, Lunches, Dinners and a few healthy snacks and shop to your shopping list from that. Know what your eating each day & don't eat the same thing each week, find new recipes,chop and change each week.

8. Eat Slowly - It takes time for your body to send the signals to your brain saying I'm full, Feeling stuffed is not feeling full

9. Get your rest - If your usual bedtime is 12pm or 1am , make it 11pm or earlier, aim for at least 6-8 hours of rest. Turn off the tv, phone, e-reader, laptop and just goto bed without any distractions.

10. Don't Concentrate on the scales - Focus on how your clothes fit, are they getting lose or fit better? its working... but if you are going to weigh yourself regularly do so in the morning at the same time each week

11. Be grateful - Each day write one thing down that you are happy with your body or are grateful of in your life, you have a lovely smile, eyes etc... soon it will be how your thighs look, your belly, arms or whatever you've been wanting to lose the weight off

If this has helped you in anyway or you think someone would be interested in reading and find it helpful please share it with them.

Any Questions or Additional info feel free to send me a message through our site or facebook page

Yours in health,


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