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Building Muscle without the belly

This is based on a conversation i had with a young guy i admire in the gym as he is always asking questions......

it went like this

I'm trying to get bigger , what can i do? my first question was "whats your food like? would you consider it healthy and enough to gain muscle? his answer was yeah its good so what do you eat for your breakfast regularly? his answer was coco pops or some other cereal my answer was a bit cheeky but to the point.... thats shit, quickly broken down,full of sugar , so you're blood glucose will shoot up high but it will drop really quickly too so you will be looking for something quick and easy to eat well before lunchtime comes around..

Next question was what do you eat for lunch? by this point his friend is shouting in the background chicken burgers and mcdonalds etc.. (this is exactly what my lunches consisted of when i was younger) now i wasnt being cheeky or disrespective when i answered him , but i was quoting Dan John .... and its the best way to describe a healthy balanced diet .... EAT LIKE AN ADULT , ditch the crap cereals, eat more protein in each meal, eat your veg, basically if it had a heart beat or it can be picked from the ground, plant or tree, eat it ... not from a box covered in breadcrumbs, battered, processed or deep fried etc.. Aim for the quality of your food not the quantity in the beginning..

Take measurements from around your body, your wanting to gain muscle without getting fatter. check your measurements at 4 week intervals ... seen any improvements?

Stay away from the super mass builder protein shakes with 2600cal per shake as whatever energy you don't burn off or use is stored in your body as what? You can guess .... fat!!

Log whatever you eat for 1-2 weeks as you eat it, an hour or two after eating log if your hungry again, feeling tired, brain foggy? you will soon learn what is filling you up enough and giving your body the nutrition it needs or what is leaving hungry an hour or two later.

You should be eating regularly 3 to 4 meals ,eating enough quality protein and carbs, shakes are a supplement and not a meal replacement, more quality carbs to feed your training days, less on your rest days. The more muscle you have the better your body will be able to store the broken down carbs in them, but this is a limited amount and depletes quite quickly while training.

Are you following a training plan? or just doing the same stuff you've been doing forever? change your training system every now and again, mix it up, learn new skills and your body will adapt

To finish off - Quality food, Follow a plan, Log and Check.. If you don't keep track of what your doing how do you know if your improving in the right places?

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