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Mid Thirties, Parent and Finding the Time

If your anything like me, one day you come to the scary fact that your in your mid thirties, mortgage, kids, job, wife, social life is non extent without one months notice & with a babysitter booked in advance etc.. What the hell happened? Where did the time go? Last thing you remember you were in your twenties numerous parties, weekday evenings in the pub, nightclubs at the weekend, I didnt have to watch what I ate then or more to the fact I didnt think of what I was eating.

Although I still feel in my head I’m 21, My body and life is not saying the same story, Dodgy Knee, Messed up wrists, Numerous Headaches weekly, Sleepless nights thinking of shit that shouldn’t matter, school runs with 4 kids are mental, homeworks I don’t even grasp (if a train is travelling at 40 mph with a lady holding 6 apples , passes another train traveling 65 mph with two men holding 8 oranges .. what time is it? )

Now I am not moaning about my life as I wouldnt change it for the world.. but it is very different and changed in 10-15 years… and life doesn’t go by your rules. When your single you have all the time in the world to do what you want to do, spend two hours in the gym .. not a problem, now? when you have other priorities in your life, you usually come second to whatever that is, wife,kids,job.. Quick snack from the petrol station driving to and from where ever your job takes you, food for most people is for when your hungry.. Its not calories or numbers, its what you eat and tastes good to you.. Making a snack to take with you to work that tastes good and your happy to eat will stop you from eating crap.. no one on this planet likes eating fucking rice cakes, its like a mixture between cardboard and that white polystyrene stuff from around a lovely new TV you unbox. From Working as a chef I know what people enjoy eating,Sunday Roast, steak and chips, Spicey Haddock fritters, Pasta Dishes, Beautifully crafted desserts etc. Finding that happy medium of what you like and gives you that same feeling but is still good for your body and doesnt take 2 hours to prepare is key to eating healthy.. You dont have to eat boring “clean eating” just sensible.

While working as a chef I enjoyed going to the gym but working 14-16 hour days the only time I had to train was 12am for 1-1 ½ hours in a popular 24hr gym straight across from where I worked in St Annes Square, then I would do the same routine the next day again. Now I know not everyone has that love for working out, some people is a necessity or have been told they need to get more exercise to lose a bit of excess weight, some its looking in the mirror and the stark realisation that life has passed by and they are need to get their body into a better version of themselves. Me it was venting stress and the pursuit of being comfortable to take my top off and not feel embarrassed But getting back to the subject of the blog .. time… It is the most important thing we have in life as once its gone you never get it back unless doc brown really did get that delorion working.

Out of the 168 hours we have per week minus the minimum 56 hours of sleep, that's 8 hours per nite.. any of you actually get close to 8 hours? How many hours a week do you spend on yourself? I try to spend 1 hour per nite reading,studying on things that interest me or my business but as my business is me its always something that interests me, I block off 45 mins to train each day even if its just learning a skill, currently I am learning how to do a muscle up using rubber bands to help me that I use with clients to help them get their first pull up .. most people struggle with this. Anyway…. that is 1hr 45 out of say 16hrs per day to focus on my self.

How much of the time can you say per week is for you? If your answer is I cant think of anything I do that just for me , Find sometime during the day or nite, grab a book, do a bit of exercise ,even if its just half an hour to begin with, set your alarm on that tracking device your whole life in on (smartphone) your body and mind will thank you, If your currently a grumpy mid thirties old man, that will quickly change.

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Keep an eye out from monday as I have been challenged to do 30 days of facebook live videos

this is going to be a proper challenge for me as I am not an outgoing person and uncomfortable in front of a camera

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You can find more information on food and exercise from our earlier blog posts here.

Yours in health


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