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How to prioritize the f*cks you give

So the title has came from a book that i am currently reading.... the subtle art of not giving a f*ck... now you would think its about not caring about anything... 

But its not ... 

Its about making the firm and solid Decisions about what matters to you the most and going all out to get them and letting the little things slide. If you lose your shit at the littlest things multiple times a day... your going to use all your energy on shit that really doesnt matter in the greater scheme of your life plans... thats if you even have one that is... you dont? why the f*ck not? I am not talking about the big car , house ... i'm talking about the things that make you happy and fulfilled.. getting up out of bed and not freaking out about the day ahead, so f*ck if someone parked in your space, so you got short changed by 10p.... are you going to let it ruin your whole day? now life is never rosey or easy but its how you tackle the adversity ahead that makes you who you are... so the kids are going mental wrecking the house ... do you lose it... or should you have gave them something to do like take them out a walk up the hills or helped them build a space rocket with mentos in the garden... the choice is yours how many of your f*cks you give out a day... do you relax and find a solution , or blow your lid about a few toys and clothes everywhere.... Now lets look at your mental attitude towards your mental health... get your sleep, get up a little earlier, you will feel much better at the tasks ahead in the day... some like to meditate... me? silence with a coffee in the mornings before the madness begins... with 4 young kids in my house it really is madness in the mornings before school.... I would highly recommend the book If you would like support and help with structure on what ever subject of your life, whether it be weight loss, food, building some muscle or how to succeed in getting your general fitness up I would be happy to help

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