Investing In Your Health

Investing in health

When it comes to personal trainers there is a absolute sea of them, It can be hard to decide who to go with.. Most of the requests I get end in... oh right...Dave down the road is £10 a session, so I'll have to think about it.. Never hear from them again, and that is cool with me as I only work with a SELECT FEW DEDICATED clients who are wanting to INVEST in their HEALTH and know there is allot more to coaching than making you sweat buckets and pile as much weight as possible on the leg press, there is helping you overcome mental barriers, teaching how to prioritize your food, journaling your progress, teaching nutritional practices that you can use, Teach you how to train using Barbells & Kettlebells Effectively and SAFELY, How to train using only your Bodyweight .. The list is endless as Every client brings a new Challenge. The reason I'm writing this stems from a conversation I had with a guy who contacted me saying he wasn't happy with his current pt, usual questions, when and where do I work etc... I asked why he was unhappy and wanted to employ me... "I've been working with them for over year now and haven't seen any results at all".. Obviously my next question was... have you been following their instructions, "he hasn't give me any", I was taken back a little..As I would expect my clients to complete tasks on their own each week, even if its just working towards drinking enough water each day to begin with ...... I asked about his goal and how long, all seemed sweet and do-able in the time frame... Cost comes up... He was paying 110 a month to the gym, pt included... I gave him my prices, the usual "Oh that's allot more than I was expecting"... Even my online coaching programs are close to that price and over for the top end model... My prices are higher because your paying for my time and experience not for the sessions, Why would you expect to pay little for a top end service or product... are you going to get quality? Hell Yeah....Will it be cheap, will it fuck... but session price doesn't mean they are good, they just value their time and know their worth.. Hairdresser is a good example for the ladies, would you let just anyone dye your hair? Guys would you let just anyone work on your car? Why not... what could go wrong? Then why would you put your Health and body into the hands of the cheapest person you find, you are risking your health and possible injury listening to bad and dangerous advice, Many pts do a 3-6 week course and that is it.. qualified, Myself and Many others spend most of their spare money reinvesting in continuing our education, attending workshops on technique, using various equipment, Learning from and listening to the top and best coaches this country has and beyond... So if your currently looking for a coach to help you ... ask them what they are currently working towards... if the answer is "nothing , I'm qualified".... Keep looking, There are many great and very talented coaches... Just remember, you get what you pay for... I hope you find this helpful. If you think someone else would find it helpful Tag them or share it. Lee

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