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Chipping away at the Fat takes time

Chipping away the fat takes time and effort, there is no wonder pill or shake that will do it in a matter of weeks..

You can work your ass off like a beast but the only thing that i see with many clients getting in their way is eating properly, look we are all big boys and know what is not ok to eat...

But we are creatures of habit, grabbing what is handy or convenient is easier than chopping veg while the meat is cooking.. You know what I'm getting at...

I work part time at the weekends as a chef and I love cooking but I know not everyone is happy to be prepping food up the day before you need it...

Oh and the "I don't have time" excuse is shite by the way and you know it, you just don't want to do what is needed to make the change you've told yourself you need..

I've two jobs, six kids and a demanding wife who thinks I'm Bob the fecking builder around the house and I still have time to train, eat well, study for two new certifications, read, work, spend time with my kids..How do i manage it.. exactly that, manage or to be direct i schedule everything.. every little thing i have to do in a day has a set time to do it.. like writing, programming, lunch with the wife between a work break, family time or just spending time with my kids....

Anyway back to what I was talking about..

We are creatures of habit and its about building healthy habits over weeks and months,building up training habits, fitting it into your schedule after work..building good sleeping patterns, building good eating habits with that Scale weight will be increasing while body measurements will be going steadily down, looking trimmer and sleeker than day one.. Much stronger, more mobile, but not defined or ripped yet... If you want this look, some trade offs have to take place in your life, ditching the daily sweet treats, eating out is a rare occasion, eating bland food is not necessarily the case but being prepared for the day or even week ahead is definitely happening or you can forget about even starting on this adventure... Here is a good ballpark idea of what to do in respect of losing fat and gaining muscle ... Eat good food at least 80% each week, if it came from a plant, tree, picked from the ground or had a face (fish, meat) it's good to go.. If it came covered in breadcrumbs pre packaged with a nice picture.. its a NO... and obviously train regularly, with some kind of cardio work along with the weights....Now unless your tracking what your eating and tracking your body measurements you'll never know how well your doing, stepping on the scales once a week means jack sh*t in body composition terms, so you dropped 2lbs this week .. woo hoo that's the weight of a good dump but if you've lost 2lbs and your chest is wider, waist is down by a few cms, thighs are firmer, calves have a bigger diameter and your moving more weight in your weight training sessions ... now we are talking that is progress that you can take on board and track properly... If your not making progress in weight or body composition that is when you need to tinker with how much your eating, maybe dropping your calorie intake by 200kcals each day, increasing how much protein your eating with each meal or are you even getting enough sleep, How many hours each night regularly do manage to get? is it close to 8? There are so many factors you can tinker with but only change one at anytime, If you change two or three, which one helped, which one made things worse? You'll never know..

Take home message if you want to create life changing results, you have to change what your currently doing and make a few sacrifices..

I know i was waffling a bit in this post but hey you've made it to the end .. hopefully you have taken something from it you can use in your own training until next time Lee Ps If you want help, direction and some accountability in your own training click below and I'll be happy to help

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