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Lessons learnt from a monkey puzzle tree

I thought like most plants it would sprout and grow quickly..

I just liked the look of the tree and wanted a few for my back and front gardens, So i went on amazon and ordered the seeds next day delivery...

Oh How wrong was I..

Most won't know this but a seed from the monkey puzzle tree takes 8 to ten weeks just to sprout... And upto 5 years to grow as little 20 inches. We live in a instant gratification culture and society now, It has became normal to just click a button and boom you've the thing you wanted delivered the very next day. Click on a movie and its streamed right to where you are sitting, no waiting in a cue to rent it and walk home again.. Stick a fully prepared meal in the microwave and in 6 mins its ready, no cooking, preparing and it even comes in a dish to throw away so no dishes either...

Buy a Book at the click of a button and it shipped to your house and its instantly delivered electronically to your phone or kindle so you can read it while you wait for the physical copy...

So most people have the same idea when it comes to fitness...

I want the results right here, right now without thinking of what will be required to achieve the cherry picked before and after photo they seen..

All you will see advertised in the fitness industry involves 6 or 8 week shred and 12 weeks to chiselled abs and biceps...

Nope not true for the majority of the population..

In terms of fitness and specifically muscle growth you are a monkey puzzle tree... this is your seed sprouting time.. Laying the foundations, doing the ground work, it takes years of work to have a fully muscular build..

Now I am not saying these programs don't work they do... but you'll have to of put the groundwork in before beginning such an aggressive approach, Unless you have already built the muscle , you won't have much to show after the 6 - 8 weeks...

Do you remember the advert on tv a long time ago...the one with the line... I want to be a tree?

Be a tree , take your time, do the groundwork first and you'll reap the rewards and they will stay with you for a lifetime, Good food choices instilled, Exercise habits and routines built, better understanding of what your body can handle before you go into an aggressive program and know you will complete it.

If you need some help starting off get in contact I'd be happy to help

Until next time Lee

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