Personal Fitness Coaching

Does this sound like you?

Work in a stressful busy job

In your mid thirties

Family commitments

After hours job commitments

Used to be active but lost your mojo

Have tried every fad diet plan going and failed

You my friend are my perfect client

We take pride in not giving out restrictive Diet Plans for our long term clients as its been proven that most people do NOT follow them after week 2 or 3... just gets boring, Also from my experience working as a fine dining chef, everyone likes good food, simple to make but full of flavour, Not one person on this earth enjoys living on rice cakes , Chicken & Broccoli and other bland foods regularly given out in meal plans

 So with us you get access to multiple recipe books with hundreds of recipes to cover every meal or situation possible, each one has the calorie levels worked out for you, of course we can supply you with a complete food plan but would you not like to discover new healthy and tasty food that will last you longer than your with us


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